Training that Works

Training is only useful if it’s delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. 


We believe that parents should be offered the same information that we provide to teachers, because your kids are most often at school or at home. 


Through collaboration with experts in child psychology and law enforcement specializations, our program helps schools and families know the signs of emotional distress.  By identifying and de-escalating situations with those who are struggling, together we can help keep kids safer at school.


Our courses fall into four key areas, addressing behavioral and logistical issues that could indicate threats in the school environment:  

School Safety Training
How We Train

We work hard to make sure our courses are engaging and interactive.  Our training is a combination of group discussion, table exercises, and in small group breakouts. We partner with the American Red Cross for CPR certification, and offer Stop the Bleed training to teach you how to apply first aid techniques to control blood loss and save lives. 

Most courses include takeaway documents for review at a later time. Some courses are available for "Train the Trainer".

Training modules are available a la carte or at a discounted rate in packages. We can tailor a program at no additional cost to accommodate your needs. 

Plan & Prepare 

Existing Plan Review:  Roundtable review of current safety protocols, to identify strengths and challenges.  Recommended for staff only.


Situational Awareness:  Training for everyday use, for every situation.


De-escalation Best Practices: Learn how to safely defuse dangerous situations through body language, behavior and engagement.

Anatomy of Fear: When panic strikes, most people will freeze. Know what to expect and understand what happens physically so you can control your response, unfreeze faster, and get to safety.

Know the Signs

Pre-Attack Indicators: While creating a profile of an active shooter is difficult, there are indicators proior to an attack that we can look for as faculty, parents and kids. Learn about behavior that may precede violent behavior and how to address it.


Pharmaceutical & Illicit Drug Abuse:  Know what trafficking looks like on campus, and learn about local trends in drug use.


Special Victims:  Identify indicators of domestic and sexual abuse with the help of a veteran of NYPD’s Special Victims Unit. This course includes domestic abuse for adult relationships.


Explosives on Campus:  Learn to identify IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) such as pipe bombs that could be used in an attack on campus.

"Hands-On" Options

Triage First Aid:  Learn first aid skills that can save lives in violent situations. Training includes review of a “Go Bag” contents and bleeding control techniques including tourniquet application and wound treatment/compression. 


CPR Certification:  We partner with American Red Cross to bring CPR certification to your school.

Student/Parent Focused

Navigating Teen RelationshipsTeen relationships can move from stable to threatening before we know it, and it's a hard topic to discuss with kids. First Defense has created a collaboration with several experts to address abusive relationships and talk about how teens - and adults - can know the signs, ask for help, or provide help. This is a two-part workshop.

Online Safety:  Do you know what your kids are doing online?  Let us demystify social media and the internet so you can keep your kids safe, and teach you how to talk with them about cyberbullying and other topics.

When Trauma Occurs:  Presented by a child psychologist with extensive background in behavioral therapy, you will learn how to talk to kids after a traumatic event based on the child’s age and maturity level.

Continuing Professional Education

We are certified in the State of Texas as providers of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit for educators.  Utilize our training to improve your school's safety while meeting state requirements for your staff.  We are certified in the following areas:

  • Classroom Management

  • School Leadership & Administration

  • Diversity/Specialty Populations

  • School Safety & Security

  • Youth Violence

  • School Crisis Management

License #902-502.

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