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There are three parts to any emergency: Before, During, and After. Our greatest opportunity for safety lies in the period Before and knowing what to expect During.


Our training modules follow the FEMA & DHS-defined components of emergency preparation: Prevent, Protect, Mitigate, Respond, & Recover.


We cover key issues by-component to create a full crisis response cycle.  As your business partner, we work hard to provide training tailored to your industry, facility, and chief concerns.


Key Issues:

  • Situational Awareness

  • Identifying Pre-attack Indicators

  • Identifying Signs of Domestic Violence


Key Issues:

  • De-escalation Techniques

  • Understanding & Overcoming the Anatomy of Fear

  • Concealment & Cover (Having a Plan)


Key Issues:

  • Overcoming Physical Response to Threats

  • Tactical Decision Making Under Stress

  • Injury Prevention


Key Issues:

  • Emergency Operations

  • Leadership in Emergencies

  • Injury Prevention & Bleed Control


Key Issues:

  • Employee Recovery & Support

  • Coordinating with First Responders

  • Continuity Management

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Our Training Philosophy

Studies show that employees retain training when there is an emotional component to it. We believe in interactive training, where we engage in conversation and talk openly.


Every company has a discrete culture and every employee’s experience is unique.


By engaging with trainees, we take this opportunity to share insights and knowledge, two critical elements that help build trust and increase morale for any team.


Texas Educators: Continuing Education

We are certified in the State of Texas as providers of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit for educators.  Utilize our training to improve your school's safety while meeting state requirements for your staff.  We are certified in the following areas:

  • Classroom Management

  • School Leadership & Administration

  • Diversity/Specialty Populations

  • School Safety & Security

  • Youth Violence

  • School Crisis Management

License #902-502.

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TX DPS License #B20661

TX CPE License #902-502

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