Workplace Violence: Prevention and Planning for Small Business (news article)

August 26, 2019

Small businesses are adding active shooter training for their employees (story here). While the threat is still low, the impact of workplace violence can shutter a business. Ways you can improve readiness and reduce risk:


- Research local companies and decide what training is best for your staff. We recommend behavioral training that helps your staff understand the panic response and how to work through it. After all, self defense training is a "last resort" reaction and when your heart rate is elevated, you will revert to whatever your natural instinct is. Situational Awareness is another great option, especially for consultants and sales staff that work offsite at 3rd party facilities. 

Training often pays for itself by reducing your corporate insurance rates.


- Add an anonymous tip line for employees to text information or concerns and alert HR of potential "red flag" situations.


- Look into Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) through your benefits provider and launch an awareness campaign for your staff. 



- Update or establish a Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan. Emergency Preparedness is mandatory if you have employees, but BCM covers all of your risks and helps you plan accordingly. Trying to expand your business? BCM gives you a competitive edge by demonstrating that you are ready to continue services/products no matter what. If you're in business, plan to stay in business. We have several options that are affordable and specifically created for small business owners. Want to know more? Contact us. 


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