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School campus protection is different than any other physical security environment. As security experts, we are sensitive to factors that make schools so unique: the combination of a vulnerable population, large campuses and the typical profile of an active shooter requires a security

team with the right experience and the right approach to follow through

responsibly and appropriately. 

Issue: Most campus shooters are students - usually young teens known to

staff and other students.

Key Response: Our team members are experts in de-escalation, dedicated

to exhausting every effort to resolve the situation peacefully but ready to

engage swiftly if options are exhausted.


Issue: There may be students on campus who are prone to outbursts that

can be perceived as a threat, when in reality they are not a danger.

Key Response: As dedicated campus staff (no rotating hourly employees),

we engage with staff and students to be familiar with the entire school. This dedication provides an added level of precaution and ability to identify potential threats before they occur. 



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