85% of school shootings are perpetrated by a student who attends the school.  The average school shooting is concluded in less than 5 minutes.

Most schools have a security plan in place.  While the quality and depth of the plans can vary widely, nearly all school security plans have one thing in common:  They focus primarily on reacting to a threat, which is only one part of the threat process.  Most depend heavily on lockdown procedures. 


What if we could anticipate and stop situations before they become a threat? 


There are three parts to an emergency situation:  before, during, and after.  Is your school prepared for all three?


All Texas independent school districts (ISDs) must adhere to certain security measures, but charter and private schools are not legally held to the same standards.  First Defense Solutions is here to assist all schools at all levels of emergency operations planning.

Before You Need It
training for active shooting school shooter

The best way to avoid a threat is to know how to stop it before it starts.

First Defense’s training covers many topics that can help your school reduce threats and avoid dangerous situations.  We partner with subject matter experts in a variety of fields to help faculty, staff, and parents know the signs of emotional disturbance, potential danger, and how to de-escalate situations safely.  For more information, visit our Training section.

Do your teachers need Continuing Education credits?  We are CPE certified providers.  Learn how to save lives and complete requirements at the same time.

During an Emergency, Real-Time Results
Physical Security

Most security plans (and training) focus on lockdown drills and reacting to a threat when it is in progress.  Is that enough for your school?


Our onsite physical security staff is the best in the state, comprised of full-time, dedicated plainclothes officers who have all experienced an active shooting first-hand. We select only the best former law enforcement officers who have already run into the fight, knowing they will do the same for you.

It is our goal to become partners with your school, and we work hard to reflect your school's culture while engaging in discussion with staff and parents.


Because we interact with your students, all of our teammates are background checked, vetted, and trained beyond what you'd typically expect. As parents ourselves, it's important that your school, from the staff to the parents, know us and feel secure that we will defend you from threats.

After: Defining a New Normal
Continuity Management

Every three weeks, there is gun violence on an American campus.  


  • How will you communicate with parents if a crisis occurs? 

  • What are parents expected to do if a threat unfolds at their school? 

  • Where will students be reconnected with parents immediately following resolution of the threat? 

  • How will you continue to provide an education to your students if the building becomes a crime scene? 


Continuity management covers detailed plans of how to maintain a learning environment for your students and a safe workplace for your staff. 


We use our expertise in continuity management to create customizable solutions that are detailed yet straightforward.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on what matters most.  


Not sure what continuity management is? Read more here


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