Our courses are created to enhance your existing program.

Workshops cover a range of critical topics for staff, students and parents.


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Our armed security teams are former law enforcement professionals with proven experience in active shootings.

If you want the right people with the right experience, training, and demeanor, you've come to the right place.


We provide an honest, helpful assessment with realistic observations and recommendations. 


Our deliverables are guaranteed on time so you never miss a deadline.

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We tell our kids to plan ahead and anticipate problems. How does your school's continuity plan compare?


We'll give you a path to a new normal so your community can recover faster if a crisis occurs.

With 3 levels of service,

we have a plan to fit you.



Our workshops are designed to create a deeper understanding and better response to threats and dangerous situations.

The First Defense Value

  • Free training for parents with faculty training

  • Free training for students with faculty training

  • CPE (Continuing Professional Education) providers for TX ISD teachers

  • Partnerships with experts in Child Psychology, Special Victims, mental health and drug abuse create valuable resources that result in a safer school environment

  • Available for any school K-12 and smaller colleges

  • Convenient options for delivery include in-person (optimal), live webinars, Train the Trainer, and online subscription (coming 2019)

"Excellent, well thought-out program. Every public facility, parent, and citizen should complete this course."

"Glad I brought my daughter - and she's glad she came. Great information!"

Featured Courses

Anatomy of Fear

Your body's reaction to fear can affect your ability to survive. Learn what happens & how to overcome it.

De-Escalation Best Practices

Get current law enforcement level training to de-escalate situations before they become violent.

Drugs in School

Learn signs of drug trafficking and abuse. This course is facilitated with local resources for teen programs.

Talking About Trauma

Learn how to talk to your class or your own kids after a crisis (or about lockdowns) based on age and developmental phase. Presented in coordination with local child psychologists, we give you the tools to encourage discussion about scary topics.

College Prep

Send your children to college with the skills they need to be safe and successful. Topics include situational awareness, dorm & campus safety, partying, hazing, campus resources, self defense, and so much more. Available for small groups, youth groups, or even your neighborhood friends.

Situational Awareness

There are no safe places, only safe people! Understand your surroundings & learn how to react safely.

Sexual Abuse & Trafficking: See it, Stop it

School shootings related to teen dating gone wrong are increasing. This vital course covers dating abuse, trafficking, and how to get & give help. Led with a  team of mental health professionals.

Online Safety

Great for parents and faculty. Learn about online safety, popular apps, vault tech and talking to kids about safety precautions. The internet is forever!

Stop the Bleed

One of the top recommendations from city officials and security experts nationally, learn to control bleeding and save lives. Great for classroom safety and general safety, this is a free course when other courses are purchased. 


Onsite Security

Available for private and charter schools, our teams are unmatched in experience, ability, and demeanor to protect your children.

The First Defense Value

  • All teams are led by field tested professional officers with first-hand active shooter experience

  • First Defense's onsite staff provides immediate, proven response to threats

  • All officers are Texas State Peace Officers with law enforcement or military background

  • Expertise in working with troubled and violent teens

  • Because most shooters are students, we have a strong focus on
    de-escalation when possible

  • All security officers have completed 1200+ hours of training

  • Schools may receive insurance cost reductions with outsourced staff

  • Risk mitigation and transfer in the event of a crisis


Security Audits

Whether you're an ISD renewing your 3-year audit or a charter/private school improving your security program, we're here to help.

The First Defense Value

  • Meets TXSSC audit requirements for state reporting

  • Fair and thorough assessment with realistic and cost-conscious recommendations, opportunities for improvement and highlights of existing protocols

  • We guarantee delivery deadlines

  • No hard sell of expensive third-party products

  • Professional consulting experience means your delivered audit is Board of Trustees/School Board ready for review

  • Deliverables include electronic and paper copies with clear guidance on recommendations for consideration and prioritization

  • Delivery includes optional consulting review prior to District submission or your internal meetings

Continuity Management

Every school needs a Continuity Management (CM) plan to recover safely and swiftly from a disaster. Not sure what CM is? Read more here.

The First Defense Value

  • Nationally certified experts to guide you

  • Everyone knows their role in case of an emergency without confusion

  • Decisions made prior to a crisis expedite emergency procedures when seconds count

  • Planning ensures communications are clear and to the right people

  • Plan ahead to manage social media and news outlets 

  • Recovery time is shorter, benefiting the entire community

  • Staff and parents know what to expect, reducing confusion and turmoil

  • Plan ahead to manage risks, from natural disasters to man-made crises

  • Three plans available: Full consulting project, 1-week crash course, and self-paced templates 



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