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Every school's mission includes providing a safe learning environment to support each child's success.  Does your school meet that goal?  

Since 2007, there as been a school shooting on average every three weeks, and Texas is #6 in the country for shooting and bomb threats against our schools.  

How prepared is your school to anticipate and defend against active threats?  At First Defense Solutions, our goal is to ensure your kids are as safe as possible during the school day so they can focus on learning.  We deliver a conservative, thoughtful approach to protect schools, and our company is the first of its caliber in the entire state of Texas.  


Come and learn what to look for in your school's emergency plan for active threats, and how we support teachers and staff.


Topics for this seminar include:

  • Overview of training modules we provide to faculty AND parents

  • Community Building:  What is it and why does it matter?

  • Physical security:  Do you want the best of the best protecting your children?

  • Opportunities for presenting to your PTO

  • How to request a risk assessment/review of your school's current plans


Our credo is our mission:  

Let the teachers teach. Let the kids learn. Let us keep your school safe.


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