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If your school becomes a crime scene, what is your plan to continue providing education to your students?  Where will reunification with parents occur?  Do parents know what to do in case there is a threat at school?  Planning for the Day After should be in place, reviewed, and ready to implement before you need it.  Plan for the Day After by preparing in the Days Before.

How resilient is your crisis plan? 


As continuity professionals, we can guide you through risk tolerance, identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your current plan, and help you prepare so that you are able to move forward in a clear and professional manner if a crisis occurs. 

Continuity management is a critical practice covering many issues, including:

  • Risk assessment and tolerance

  • Establishment of Impact Analysis (IA) to identify the impact of a crisis in various ways, such as human, legal, financial, operational, & reputational

  • Establishment of recovery time objectives (RTOs) to help get the community back to a sense of normalcy

  • Review and enhancement of multihazard emergency operations plans (MEOPs)

  • Documented processes for anticipated emergencies and recovery of time-sensitive items

  • Awareness and training

  • Continuity management exercises, audits and plan maintenance

  • Crisis communications planning for emergency responders, parents/loved ones, and media

  • Coordination with external agencies


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