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Do you practice Situational Awareness?  Do you know how to de-escalate an emotionally elevated situation?  We are offering a free hour of training to local organizations as a way to give back to the local community, and we want to extend this offer to you.  We are doing this for two reasons, and hope you’ll read on to learn why:

Why Are We Giving Away Free Training?

We decided to offer this training for two key reasons:  As a thank you, and in honor of our friend.




Every business has a reason why they do what they do.  Saving kids and changing lives for the better is our passion.  At First Defense Solutions, we want to make a positive difference in the world, and that positive difference starts at home.  As a young business, it is always hard to get traction, but we have been fortunate to be part of an amazing, supportive business community in Collin County, Texas. By offering an overview focused on Situational Awareness and De-escalation, we hope to make our community safer.  We want you to be safer, whether you are at school, or the mall, or an office.



2016 was a difficult year for many people, and it was a particularly hard year for both Ed and I personally as we lost a dear friend, Officer David Hofer, who was killed in the line of duty on March 1, 2016.  Ed’s heroism on that day has earned him a national award, and underlines his professionalism and dedication to protecting our communities.


If you were lucky enough to know Dave, you would know that he was an excellent officer, loyal friend, and that he cared about the community he lived in, here in Plano.  Dave, in the truest sense, was a helper.  He wanted to help others and make communities safer.  We carry that mantle in his honor by offering this class.


Situational Awareness & De-escalation Overview


This course is an overview compiled from three of our training modules, and is intended to give you a starting point for self-safety.  Our goals for this course are simple – we want you to leave with enough tools to practice awareness regularly; know how to create a plan; and know when to leave the area to protect yourself and your loved ones.  We will also address de-escalation techniques and explain the importance of approach and acknowledgment when dealing with an emotionally elevated situation.


Our presentations are interactive, and we encourage lively discussion among the group.  We usually present to anywhere from 15 to 100 participants, and are glad to stay longer if we don’t get to everyone’s questions during the hour. 


Feedback on previous courses:


“I liked it and hope that I don't have to use it! But I will, and it’s all because of this training.”


“I love how they incorporated real life scenarios into the training. Very interactive and informative.”

“Both Ed and Heidi did a great job of applying the knowledge to our real life every day experiences. They were very engaging.”


“Ed and Heidi did a particularly good job of engaging the audience. In some lecture presentations, the presentation can feel a bit distanced or aloof from the audience. That was not the case here.”


How to Get Free Training


Please contact us using the form below, or call us at 972-696-9864 to schedule your group today.


This training is ideal for

  • Teacher in-services at private or public schools

  • PTA/PTO meetings

  • Group leaders at houses of worship, i.e. staff such as bible study and youth group team leaders

  • Any other organization with identified team leads that can share the training with others to increase everyone’s safety


Contact us today to schedule your organization's training. We hope you will help us share our gratitude by providing a safer world for all of us.


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