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What is Continuity Management?                      

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is planning to respond, restore, and continue your business if and when a crisis occurs. Whether that's having coverage for a call center, supplying widgets to a third party vendor, or getting back to the business of teaching students, we all need to have a plan.

By considering the risks and impact of possible crises, you'll be able to react more swiftly and be ready for whatever may occur.


Having a plan in place before you face any natural or man-made catastrophe will allow you to take care of your people, provide your services, return to a new normal and keep your doors open for the long term. An insurance policy or emergency plan alone can't do that for you, but Continuity Management will. Want options? We have them.

A Plan for Every Organization

BCM is critical for every company but frequently overlooked in small to medium-sized businesses – companies that have the highest risk of closure when enduring a crisis.


With experience working with everyone from Fortune 50 to small businesses, First Defense offers three levels of service to fit every budget & need.

The Right Consultants for the Job

Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) is the global leader of BCM best practices, creating a methodical, workable approach for companies of any size. First Defense provides you DRI certified professionals who are well versed in global best practices, saving you time and money.

Although other security companies may offer BCM, we are former corporate employees who can relate to all stakeholder concerns and are mindful of budget challenges, reputation/perception and time constraints.


As Big 4 Consulting alumni, our project management includes quantifiable milestones and documented processes. 

​Our certified continuity professionals guide you through all

facets of planning, from risk tolerance and vulnerability identification to program design and implementation. If that's all jargon to you, don't worry - we'll lead the way.


With a workable plan in place, your operations will resume faster, reducing impact for your employees and your brand while saving you money.


All BCM projects are led by nationally certified experts with Big 4 consulting experience.

Get expertise enjoyed by large corporations at an affordable price.

Non-profits, contact us for special pricing.

Full Consulting Project

Recommended for: Businesses with annual revenue over $50M, over 1000 employees; multiple locations; supply chain providers and businesses looking to grow partnerships with large companies.

Value Proposition: 

  • Risk reduction/mitigation

  • Includes detailed process mapping and more hands-on guidance with company leaders and process stakeholders

  • Increases your appeal to large companies seeking small business partners for supply chain growth

  • Deliverables include full digital and printed plan, presentation materials for C-Suite, plus training for your staff

  • Follow-up reminders with suggested updates or processes during the year

Time Investment: Minimum 4 months

Cost: Dependent on scope

The Crash Course

Recommended for: Ideal for schools, most small and midsize businesses with 25+ employees and/or a few locations. This is our most popular plan for organizations including businesses and schools.

Value Proposition: 

  • Risk reduction/mitigation with less interruption to your ongoing work

  • Involves key stakeholders and leaders

  • 1-2 week in-house boot camp 

  • Deliverables include full print and digital plan, robust easy to use worksheets, presentation materials for board or C-suite, training guidance for you to train your staff

  • We do the "heavy lifting" for you

  • Follow-up reminders with suggested updates or processes during the year

Time Investment: As little as 1 week in-house

Cost: $5000  - $15000

Self-Paced Packet

Recommended for: Small businesses with up to 50 employees, start-ups, non-profits, faith and volunteer organizations.

Value Proposition: 

  • Risk reduction/mitigation

  • Budget friendly, flat fee

  • Self-paced, self-directed program is great for small groups and volunteers 

  • Deliverables include digital packet of templates with detailed guidance to create a BCM plan including risk assessment, impact analysis, design tips and implementation strategies; template Word document

  • All MS Office products, no need to buy special software

  • Fee includes 2 hours onsite consultation 

  • Follow-up reminders with suggested updates or processes during the year

Time Investment: self-paced

Cost: $3000

Continuity Management covers multiple facets of your recovery, including:

  • Risk assessment and tolerance

  • Establishment of Impact Analysis (IA) to identify the impact of a crisis in various ways, such as human, legal, financial, operational, & reputational

  • Establishment of recovery time objectives (RTOs) 

  • Review and enhancement of multihazard emergency operations plans (MEOPs)

  • Documented processes for anticipated emergencies and recovery of time-sensitive items

  • Awareness and training

  • Continuity management exercises, audits and plan maintenance

  • Crisis communications planning for emergency responders, parents/loved ones and media

  • Coordination with external agencies



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