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Founded in January 2016 in Plano, TX, First Defense Solutions is redefining how businesses and schools view security. We offer workable, thoughtful solutions that address all aspects of an active threat so you can lead your staff, clients and business through a crisis and ensure optimal resiliency.

Our goal is to change the trajectory of crises and save lives. So you can walk down the aisle with your child. So that today's kids will be here tomorrow to cure cancer, build a city in space, write the next Great American Novel, or just be a great friend to someone who needs one. We want safer communities and have designed our business with these things in mind.

Keeping you safe is our job so that you can do yours.




With over 12 years in law enforcement between NYPD and TX, Ed Pietrowski is a heavily decorated police officer with over 15 medals for his service and an impressive record of leadership.


While working for NYPD, Ed earned 10 medals for his work leading a plainclothes operations unit involving seizure of illegal firearms, narcotics and intervention in other illicit activity in Harlem. 


He worked frequently with teens in crisis and has extensive experience de-escalating violent situations. Throughout his career, Ed has experienced multiple active shootings.

In August 2016, Ed received the national award, Officer of the Month, by the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund in recognition of his service in the line of duty in 2016, where a fellow officer was ambushed and killed.  He is also a dad who believes in making our community safer.



Heidi Wysocki has an extensive career spanning over 20 years, including corporate finance for Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies, as well as consulting for KPMG and Price Waterhouse. 


She started her career in Washington, DC, working as a defense contractor supporting the US Navy’s Foreign Military Sales program. 


From there, she moved into corporate finance roles, working primarily in the pharma industry and working closely with the global Business Continuity Management team for Pfizer.


Growing up with a teacher mom, Heidi is invested in creating a safe school environment, and has used her background in business management and process improvement to enhance the business model that is now First Defense Solutions.


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